Copyright info and mumbo jumbo

Everything on has been created by me or someone working with or for me, unless otherwise noted. In some of the articles that I write I use photos that are not mine, and when I do I always do my best to ensure that they are licensed under Creative Commons, and I always attribute the work. If there is no attribution, the photo is likely mine.

You are welcome to use anything here in it's entire form or as an excerpt that you build upon, including articles and photos, provided you do the following:

  1. provide credit and/or a link back to the page it was from,
  2. don't use the work commercially,
  3. ensure that others who may use your work that originates here do the same.

But also note:

  1. Any comments or photos I have credited must be respected as the original authors wish, and may have their own copyright, so please investigate.

Basically what this means is this: Enjoy this site, and don't steal anything. I am aware that some outside sites are direct linking to some of my photos, but if it starts using too much of my bandwidth I will stop allowing this. So if you are, don't blame me if it messes up your site, since you are basically stealing already anyway.

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